Meet Our Church Staff

  • Mark Messner
    Mark Messner
    I grew up on a small farm outside of Hershey, PA. that my uncle owned. My parents had a house on a corner of the old farm and, needless to say, I spent a lot of time as a youth helping on the farm. I came to know Christ when I was 17 and shortly after that entered the ministry process. After high school I went of to Penn State and then Asbury Seminary to do my divinity work (the same school as Pastor Dale).   In 2005 I was appointed full time into the Williamsport District where I was blessed to meet and befriend a pastor Mark Brumbach (who is a son of St Andrews and we learned to ride motorcycles together). I then went on to serve Laurelton in the great Lewisburg district and then Grace Centre Hall before being called to serve St. Andrews.   After my ordination I started serving on our conference’s board of Global Ministries, and a year and a half ago I was voted chair. We all are called to be missionaries, but a piece of my heart has always been on the mission field. I lead teams to two sites, one in Davis, W.V. and the other into Haiti. I am excited to learn about St Andrew’s partnership in ministry with Sierra Leone.   I spend most of my free time enjoying my three-year-old daughter, Rowan. She loves being outdoors like her father and I look forward to nurturing that side of her. I enjoy bowling, in fact I was a teammate for many years with a young lady from St Andrew’s, Ashley Miller, and even subbed in the church league in Milton. At one point of my life I have been an active golfer and look forward to playing at Wynding Brook again.
  • David Miller
    David Miller
    Minister of Visitation
  • Leslie McManus
    Leslie McManus
    Youth Director
  • Michael Porter
    Michael Porter
    Youth Director
  • Carol Clewell
    Carol Clewell
    Church Secretary
  • Ginny Shreck
    Ginny Shreck
    Financial Secretary
  • Mary Richie
    Mary Richie
  • Naomi Dries
    Naomi Dries
    Chancel Choir Director
  • Julie Blanton
    Julie Blanton
    Choir Pianist
  • Darren Stitely
    Darren Stitely
  • Bill Miller
    Bill Miller
  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller
  • Jessica Paulhamus
    Jessica Paulhamus
    Nursery School Director