How do you measure success? What does it take to be a winner in the game of life?

Before you answer, take the following quiz.
Name the MVPs of the last World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup finals and NBA Championship Series.
Name the winner of the last Heisman Trophy.
Name the winner of the last Miss America contest.
Name three winners of last year’s Academy Awards.
Name five winners of last year’s Grammy Awards.
Name last year’s winner of American Idol.
Name the winner of the largest lottery in US history.

Now take a second quiz.
Name a teacher who helped you learn and grow as a person.
Name five friends who have been there for you through thick and thin.
Name three people who over the course of your life have served as good role models.
Name two people who love you.
Name someone who makes you laugh.
Name someone whose life has been an inspiration to you.
Name someone who gave you encouragement at a time when you were feeling discouraged.

How did you do? If you’re like me (and most people), you may not have scored very well on the first quiz. When people receive those sorts of awards and accolades, it’s big news. Their names make headlines all over the world and they are recognized as being the best in the world. So you would think it would be easy to recall their names and achievements.

But after the initial burst of publicity, the applause quickly begins to fade, the trophies start to tarnish, and before long their achievements are quickly forgotten. And often their names fade into such obscurity they become the answer to a difficult trivia question.

Chances are that you had a much easier time with the second quiz. While most of the people you named never garnered any headlines or had their picture on the cover of a magazine, you’ve not forgotten them.

That’s because the people we remember over the long haul aren’t the folks who earned the most money or most accolades or most fame. We remember them because they loved and cared about us and added something positive to our lives.

To succeed in life and be a real “winner” means leaving behind a legacy- something people will remember us for. While there is nothing wrong with awards or achievement or fame, the way to make a lasting legacy is by caring for others.

After all, that’s what the most revered person in history did. He came not to seek fame or fortune, but to love others. Though “he made himself nothing and humbled himself and became obedient to death - death on a cross”, because “he loved not his own life but laid it down for others”, God honored him by “giving Him a name which is above every name.”

A name I bet you have no trouble remembering!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Michael

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