For many of us, Christmas is a season of great joy. A time in which our spirits are lifted by all the sights, sounds, expectations, and memories that accompany this most magical of seasons. It is a time in which we reflect upon and celebrate the many gifts that God has graced us with. Chief among these, of course, are the priceless gifts of divine love, grace and redemption that God gave us in Jesus Christ, when “the Word became flesh and lived and dwelt among us.”

Christmas is also a time for appreciating the precious gifts of family and friends. While the boom and sizzle of all the lights, decorations, gifts and special events may be what grabs the lion’s share of our attention, in the long run it’s the quiet joy of being able to spend time with our loved ones that most satisfies and nurtures our spirits. Take away the homecomings, the family reunions, the friendly get-togethers, and shared   traditions, and Christmas wouldn’t seem nearly as special or magical.

The holiday joy we experience in the presence of those we love (or the sorrow we feel in their absence) is a powerful reminder that of all the amazing gifts God has given us, loving relationships are among the most precious. Regardless of what presents await us beneath the tree, God has already given us something far greater by giving us each other.

The fact that our celebration of Jesus’ birth heightens our sense of appreciation of the people in our lives is only fitting. After all, when the Word became flesh, He chose to be become part of a human family. In the Incarnation, God opted to become a part of the    intricate dance of human relationships involving moms and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins. By His birth, Jesus demonstrated that our human relationships are sacred trusts, to be treasured and cherished.

So, this December, I would encourage you to seize the opportunity to reflect again upon the great gifts He has given you, in both the person of Jesus and in those special persons He’s placed your life. Treasure them as the blessings they are and cherish the time you have been given to share with each other. And as you do,

May you abound in the peace and grace that flow from the wounds of the Prince of Peace.

May the light of God that in Christ has come into the world illuminate you.

May it lead you, as it led the shepherds of old, until you come to a place of peace.

May it shine upon you and fill you with wisdom and grace, mercy and love.

May it remain with you and defend you, even when darkness falls.

May it be your guide, your companion, your strength, and your source of hope.

In the light of Christ’s light, may you find light, life, and love.


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