To trust one's life to God, Who meets us in Jesus Christ, is not to believe that only good things come our way, or that God will always order life on our terms.
It is rather, to know in times of uncertainty and fear and sorrow, such as many of us have known, that God is not far off...that whether in life or in death, we and those we love are in God's omnipotent hands...that darkness does not speak last, but that God upholds us, sustains us, accompanies us through the valley and every shadow.

Because in Jesus Christ, God comes to us and stands with us even in the worst and most painful things we are given, faith that through the fabric of tragedy and trouble, our lives are in God's hands: and that even when we fall, we fall into the arms of our waiting Father.

To trust our lives to this God, Who in Jesus Christ has the last word, is to rest our grief in God's compassion, our hope in God's promises, our fear in God's faithfulness, our pain in God's tender mercy, and our lives and the lives of our dear ones in God's steadfast love.

God never lets us go, but holds us in His everlasting arms.

Author Unknown

"The eternal God is thy refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting arms."

Deuteronomy 33:27

In light of all we've gone through in recent months in our nation and communities, I believe these words offer comfort and hope and give us cause for thanks to God.


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