Some years ago, JoAnna and I were returning from the store. I had gotten her a beautiful, giant balloon upon her request.

She was delighted to have it and held the string tightly. But when we got in the car, JoAnna opened the sunroof and allowed the balloon to sail above the car.

I warned her that she would be unable to hold on and the balloon would soon escape her grasp. She insisted, however, that this would not happen. For a while, she was right. She held the balloon string and we rode in peace. Then a soft cry emerged from the back seat as we watched the balloon slip through her fingers and move upward.

As we traveled down the road. I glanced in the rearview mirror and noticed that the balloon had floated into a yard where a sale was going on. A kind woman retrieved the balloon and waited as I turned the car around and headed back where the balloon was. She gently handed it to JoAnna. JoAnna was grateful and suddenly willing to close the sunroof and keep her balloon safely in the car while we resumed our journey home.

This brief episode held several spiritual implications for me. In our Christian walk we sometimes are offered special opportunities or blessings. The Lord desires our happiness and grants us things and experiences to bring us joy. But sometimes we misuse our gifts or insist on our own way in experiencing these blessings. Our actions cause us to lose the opportunity or gift. But God is gracious and merciful. He grants us second chances for joy and gives us renewed opportunities to make better choices. Hopefully, we learn from the experience. We are grateful for the second chance and are more willing to allow God to instruct and guide us.

Pastor Barb


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