It's Now Easier to Keep Up to Date
With the expansion of our group and the ease of all technology related headaches, I am hoping to switch to sending all announcements, reminders and updates through an app called REMIND. This app, designed for groups just like ours, is an easy way for me to get reminders out to a large number of people efficiently.

Below are the steps for joining the conversation.

Thanks for understanding & I hope this helps with our communication! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call/text me!

1) Join REMIND by downloading the app
2) Once you have downloaded the app from the App/Google Play store you will be prompted to create an account with REMIND.
3) You can then join our class by tapping the + button next to Classes Joined and search for our class. Our class code is: @shinesaumc

After you have joined our class you will receive all notifications & reminders!


1) Join REMIND through Text Message
2) Begin a new text message and for the phone number, type in : 81010
3) In the message section type: @shinesaumc
4) Then hit send!

At this point you should receive notice that you’ve been added to the SHINE Remind Class and from now on receive a text message with all reminders!

Additionally, you can simply enter this link in your web browser to join the class:

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