Panther Packs Ministry

August is now the official starting month for the Milton School District. Yep, I am sure the kids are thinking, “Didn’t we just get out of school for the summer?”. That also means that we are getting ready for a new year of ministry for the Panther Pack ministry. This year, as of right now, we will continue to open up packing nights to everyone, church members and community members.

We are restocking the shelves getting ready for school to start. September, which is the month we actually start to deliver meals, will be here shortly and we want to be ready for the first packing. Here are the items we are looking for:

Food items:
Ramen noodles
Canned pasta (pop top lids)
Soup, stew, chili (small containers with pop top lids)
Fruit cups
Individual sized boxes of cereal
Cereal bars
Applesauce cups
Pudding cups
Oatmeal packs
Tuna packs
Pop Tarts
Mac and Cheese (Individual cups)
Granola Bars/Breakfast bars
Small cans of Chicken
The committee is recommitting to providing nutritious weekend meals to the children of the Milton Elementary schools.

Pray for a great year of ministry and that the kids’ lives are touched by the generosity of the community.

Panther Packs, showing the love of Christ through one meal at a time.

Panther Packs Committee


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