Panther Packs Ministry

September will be the first month that we are packing.  It will be for three weeks in September.  We could use your help.  The number of people in September is usually a little lite because of the start of a new year.  

Here are the packing details for September’s packing:

Number of Weeks: 3

Prepack: 9/6/2022

Setup: 9/13/2022

Packing: 9/14/2022

School Pick Up: Sept. 15th, 22nd, 29th

Church members: just come the night of the packing.  For groups wanting to sign up for a packing night, go to this website and register…

Maybe you would like to bring food items with you the evening you help.  Here is the list.

Food Items
Ramen Noodles  Canned Pasta (pop top lids)     Soup, stew, chili (small containers with pop top lids)  
Fruit CupsIndividual sized Boxes of Cereal         Cereal Bars  
Applesauce Cups         Pudding Cups  Oatmeal Packs
Tuna PacksPop TartsMac and Cheese (Individual cups)
Granola Bars/ Breakfast Bars Chicken (small cans) 

 Panther Packs, showing the love of Christ through one meal at a time.

Panther Packs Committee

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