There are those little things in life

that seem to have no “job” or “purpose” but then you come to find out, oh, I am glad for that item.

Over the years of my marriage with Sue, her father, who was a great farmer, tried to educate me in some of the rudimentary items of farming. Needless to say, the information was interesting, but I wasn’t sure how I would use it in the business world. (I was always willing to learn because I do love to eat and farming is where food comes from.)

One day when we were traveling, I think it was traveling on vacation, he shared with me a bit of knowledge about the “silk” on corn. You know what the “silk” is. It is that stuff that is a nuisance on corn when you husk corn or as a kid, you thought it was the hair growing on corn. Silk is the long, thread-like strands of plant material that grows underneath the husk of a fresh ear of corn and comes out the top of the ear of corn.

But did you know that each kernel you see on an ear of corn is
the result of successful fertilization by a grain of pollen traveling down one corn silk? This process happening at the right time in the right conditions is critical to a good yield (or lots of kernels on a cob). Yes, that is right, that little thing called corn silk has a purpose of pollinating that kernel... no silk, no kernel, and no sweet-tasting corn.

Our Christian life has those little things some times too. Those little things that are hard to recognize the benefit until we make them a routine. For example, daily devotions. Until we start the first time of doing devotions, and the first time turns into the second time of doing devotions, we don’t understand the importance of that little first step. That seems to be the way it is with any of our Christian disciplines, whether it is daily devotions, daily bible reading, meditating on God’s Word, pray- ing without ceasing or visiting with our shut-ins. It takes that first step.

Take that little first step to move into a routine of Christian discipline that will result in a blessing in your life.

Now, each time you see the corn silk and realize it is a little thing, remember it has a big result in the corn process, just like our first step in one of our Christian disciplines... that will bless your life.


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