We Have an Urgent Request
We need plastic bags urgently. Last month we ran out of plastic bags while packing. We were able to scrounge up enough to complete the task. Remember, we need them double bagged and then folded. Thank you

The number of students that we are serving continues to grow… we are now up to 347 students. It is great that we can serve this many students!

There is no way we could do this without God’s blessings of volunteers, product and donations. The sad thing is, there are 347 students that have signed up for the meals. That is just in the Milton School District. Approximately 60% of the Milton Elementary students get free or reduced price lunches. Northumberland county is ranked 50th in the 67 counties of Pennsylvania of individuals below the poverty level.

This past month, we received one of the biggest grants or donations since we have started the Panther Packs five years ago. We received a donation from Furmanos Food Tomato Trot - the 5K run they had back in October. We received a check for $5,350. We expected a check but never expected that much (you would think I would know by now to stop thinking small when it comes to God’s blessings).

God is Good!

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