From the Pastor
Dear St Andrew’s Family,
I pray that you and your family are enjoying this season as much as Rowan and I are!
At the start of every February we get to celebrate Pennsylvania based holiday, Ground Hogs day! A silly day, since I was a young child

I always wondered why adults would make up a holiday and celebrate it with a common farm pest. The one thing that Ground Hogs day reminds me of every year is that we need to make the time to relax and enjoy a slower time. Here in the northeast we have this beautiful white fluff that, every year, slows down our lives. I love being reminded that everyone loves to slow down.

The last week of February ushers in Lent and our celebration of Ash Wednesday, where we are reminded about the painful journey that Christ took here on Earth and the responsibility to pass on the passion of God to the next generation. A responsibility that I have come to discover our St Andrews family embraces with the Love of Christ at the center.

Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us there is a time and a season for everything under the sun. I have had the great joy of learning your passions over the last 7 months and look forward in the next coming months to start putting some great ideas I have heard into play and visioning even more. Even the silliness of Ground Hogs day reminds us of the greatness of spring after a long winter. Spring brings beauty and hope back to a cold and wet world, just like Christ has done for all of us. Let us help bring the people in darkness into the light.

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