One of the folks that I visited on a regular basis, Tom Fetzer, was in Germany during WW 2. During his tour there, he was injured and got shrapnel in his left arm.

The first time I visited Mr. Fetzer and his wife, Alice, he told me his war story and wanted me to see his metals. His story was probably like many men and women who have served our country and have been in a battle zone. Two of the many things that I gleaned from my conversation with him were: that War is terrible and that you develop close relationships with you military buddies.

From the first time I visited Mr. and Mrs. Fetzer, they were always such a delight to talk with. He loved to share about his military career and she loved sharing about the letters they wrote to each other, as well as, her time waiting for him to come back home.

The last time I visited them, I got this feeling or sense to ask him if I could take a picture of the shadow box that protected his metals. “Of course”, he said. He was delighted that I asked. Little did I know that less than one week later he would pass away at 98 years young.

I thought that the visits have been such great experiences for me and wanted to share them with all of you.

When an opportunity like this presents itself to you, take advantage of it. You will feel such a great blessing.

Note: I share this story with you only after getting permission from Mrs. Fetzer to do so.

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