The Christmas season can be very difficult for people who are unable to leave their home. You can make a difference in an elderly person’s life this Christmas by reaching out to

him or her during this time. With many families living in different towns or states, some elderly shut-ins have no family members to contact them. Just a simple, small gesture on your part may be the very thing that brings tremendous joy to a person’s life.

Below are several ways you can make this Christmas a little less lonely for a shut-in:

• Just spend time with the person over the phone: Tell them your favorite Bible verse and ask them what their favorite verse is. Ask them what their favorite Christmas song is and sing it to them or with them. Read them a Christmas poem. Have them tell you what their favorite Christmas memories are.

• Send Christmas cards to the shut-ins. It is wonderful to receive a Christmas card and add a handwritten note.

• Ask the shut-in or their family if you can put up some decorations outside their home for Christmas. Don’t forget to take the decorations down after Christmas.

• Send them old photos that you might have of them and once they receive them, call to chat about the photos.

Bake them some Christmas cookies and alert them that you will be putting them outside their door at a specific time.

These are just a few ways that you can make a difference in a shut-ins life. Give the gift that shut-ins will remember...the gift of your time.

Have a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year,


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