Panther Packs Ministry

By the time you read this article, the schools will be back in full swing. Panther Packs will be back packing meals for the Milton Elementary school children… 300 meals per week.

We will be continuing to look for your help at funding the ministry, providing donation of food items (see below) and praying.
· Food items:
o Ramen noodles Canned pasta (pop top lids) Soup, stew, chili (small containers with pop top lids)
o Fruit cups Individual sized boxes of cereal Cereal bars
o Applesauce cups Pudding cups Oatmeal packs
o Tuna packs Pop Tarts Mac and Cheese (Individual cups)
o Granola Bars/Breakfast bars Small cans of Chicken

Don’t forget to donate your plastic bags (Weis, Giant, and Walmart). If you could double the bag and fold it three times before giving them to the ministry, that will be very helpful.

Panther Packs, showing the love of Christ through one meal at a time.

Panther Packs Committee

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