I am looking forward to spending the next year with you in ministry. As I've begun to meet persons in the congregation in preparation for my time with you, I've become aware of connections we already have. I've served in congregations where some of you have friends and relatives. I have common geographical links. I remember being part of a We Care Mission at St. Andrew's years ago. In short, even before I begin serving as your pastor, ties have been established.
I believe this is how the Body of Christ works. We are drawn together by the invisible threads of faith and community. We have a common history because of our unity in Christ. We are unique in our experience and giftedness but we are united in our faith journey.
The past few months have been challenging due to physical separation and isolation. We are just starting to meet in person again. But this is a time of celebration as we start the new leg of ministry together.
May God bless each of you. My prayers are with you and my anticipation is great as I look ahead to meeting with you.
Pastor Barb