From Pastor Dale’s Desk

Easter is Coming!- It’s the day we mark the biggest moment in history; the moment Christ conquered sin and death, assuring us of eternal life with Him.

As Easter approaches let me invite you to watch for some “little Easters” as well.  These will be the moments that remind us that the risen Christ is alive and breathing new life, and resurrection power into the impossible situations of our congregation and personal lives.

Here’s a few “little Easters” I’ve heard about from some of you: A member who said, “God answered my prayers! It took a while, but God answered. I know it!  I’m so glad I did not give up on Him.”—That’s a “little” Easter!

A returning member who said, “My faith in God is being rekindled. I’m beginning to trust again.”—That’s a “little” Easter!

One who shared, “Ten years ago our marriage was in big trouble. But we looked to God, got some help, and worked hard together, and it’s more solid than ever.” –That’s a “little” Easter!

Another said, “Our kids kinda wrote us out of their lives for a few years. But they’ve invited us to come by and get to know our grandchild.”—That’s a “little” Easter!

Easter is coming, and it’ll be a great day of celebration. But Resurrection Power is at work bringing little Easters every week. Praise God that “we serve a risen Savior, who’s in the world today!”

And don’t miss the “big” Easter as we celebrate the greatest moment in history on April 5th!

Pastor Dale