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From Pastor Dale’s Desk

     For 2000 years the standard greeting for Christians on Easter is the one we have already offered one another – “Christ is risen” and “He is risen indeed!”
So we have covered our liturgical bases. But something happens today [Easter] that has not happened in my lifetime and will not happen again till I am well into pastoral retirement. So please indulge me for this once in a career moment.
Easter and April 1st are the same day.
Despite the articles I read that begged pastors to not mix the two out of reverence for Easter – I missed anyway. So please join in my litany – You’ll know what to say when I point to you. (April Fools)

  • When Jesus died the Jewish authorities thought they had heard the last of him.
    (April Fool)
  • When Jesus died Satan thought he had won the great cosmic battle between good and evil.
    (April Fool)
  • When Jesus died his followers thought they would live out their lives with broken hearts and hopelessness.
    (April Fool)
  • When Jesus died some thought his promises and prophecies became empty words.
    (April Fool)
  • When Jesus died it meant death does have the final word over us all and the possibility of life after death is a lie.
    (April Fool)
  • When they rolled that stone in front of Jesus’ tomb and posted the guards they were sure no one would open it.
    (April Fool)

Ah, but Jesus did rise from the dead –No foolin’ – He walked out of his tomb, he lives forever, his promises are sure, he’s preparing a place for you in heaven, and we are here to celebrate the Good News of Easter because to do anything less would make us feel like –an April Fool.